Leader’s Address

The rebirth of the Democratic Republic of Congo calls for a fresh patriotic spirit and a unique creative bond of unity from the Congolese people to Build and Promote their Land.

I sincerely believe that these are the basic conditions and fundamental principles  upon which we can construct and secure our land for the benefit  of all; guarantee human rights, human dignity, the rule of law and the equality of opportunity for all citizens. I also strongly believe that the time has come for the Congolese people to stand firm with unwavering confidence and to openly tell to the world that a new light for democracy, freedom, justice, law – governing practices and positive international interactions is beginning to shine on the new Democratic Republic of Congo. Our brighter future will be determined by how we manage the natural, mineral and human resources of our land in answer to the needs of our people through sustainable development, good governance and patriotic leadership. Therefore, I am reaching out today to all Congolese to share in this new vision, new mission, new direction and a new leadership style to replace things that have not worked for our country. We will establish a responsible government to defend and treat fairly the poor and the rich, rescue the children in need, help the oppressed women, give hope to desperate  youth, support the destitute men, take care of the forgotten elderly, disabled, pygmies and albinos  in our society. Our main aim is to build and promote stable families, secure communities and a strong Nation. It is my conviction that the choice to fulfill our purpose and destiny as a peaceful, strong and prosperous nation is in our hands; by engaging God as Our Architect and Builder in this huge but magnificent venture of care for the people and care for the land.

May God bless the Congolese people and DR Congo with peace.
Tshibangu- Mukumbay PhD
Founder of UPA