Our Team

Our dynamic and transformational leadership team is made up of fellow Congolese in DR Congo and in diaspora with great expertise in various fields from Technocrats, Professionals, Politicians, Consultants, Specialists and Friends of Congo in different domains of Public sectors.

We all share the same vision and pursue a common purpose which is to seek the best interest of Democratic Republic of Congo. Our Team possess exceptional and unique spirit in diversity that coheres to produce the synergy and a mighty force to achieve the goals, and also accomplish the task ahead of us by turning our challenges into opportunities.

Currently, we have political representatives in different strategic countries such as: Belgium, France, The United States, Canada, Germany, Holland and in other countries where talks are under way.

Moreover, all information, data, business plans and feasibility studies conceived by different groups and workshops interconnected are recorded and gathered by UPA Strategy Studies Bureau, “S.S.B

For deontological reasons and internal policy, UPA has decided to protect the identity of its members, partners and colleagues at the moment.
Finally, our team believe in a servant-leadership model which is demonstrated in our unity because we come together to serve our Nation and do people’s business.

With our patriotic devotion.