Notre Vision:       Français: Bâtir et Promouvoir le Pays          English: Build and Promote the Land          Lingala: Kotonga pe Kotombola Ekolo na Biso          Kikongo: Kutunga na Kunanguna Buala na Beto          Tshiluba: Kuibaka ne Kutungunuja Ditunga Dietu          Swahili: Kudjenga na Kukamilisha Inshi yetu

Our Leader's Message

The Renaissance of the Democratic Republic of Congo requires the linking of a new patriotic spirit and unique creativity for Congolese to build and promote their country. I sincerely believe that these are the basic conditions and the fundamental principles on which we can build and secure our country for the benefit of all; guarantee human rights, human dignity, the rule of law , equality and fairness for all citizens ...

Our History

Our History

The Union du Peuple d’ Avenir (UPA) or United People with One Destiny was established with a commitment to keeping the Democratic Republic of Congo’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and prosperous by uniting all Congolese people in order to provide the opportunity for sustainable development of our motherland. This commitment is reflected in our movement that emphasizes a strong nation state, economic development, democracy, education...

Political Ideology

Political Ideology

History has revealed us that it was ordinary people like you and me who have influenced our world (cultures, societies and communities). Every century has its own history. Our human history has been marked by challenges and obstacles which have led us to find alternative ways of survival, to circumvent and even better, not just to overcome but to convert challenges and obstacles into opportunities...

The 7 Fundamental Challenges

The 7 Fundamental Challenges

1. The Leadership
2. The Vision
3. The Institutions
4. The Administration
5. The Infrastructure
6. The Multiculturalism
7. The People's Mindset

The UPA offers / suggest a range of appropriate responses and durable (long term) solutions to the problems that face our beloved country...

The Master Plan of Reform and Reconstruction
of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 13 Chapters

Our Motto: God, our Architect and Builder

Chapter 1.National Unity

Chapter 1.
National Unity

  1. Patriotism
  2. Unity
  3. Peace
  4. Stability and Credibility
Chapter 2.Law Governing Nation

Chapter 2.
Law Governing Nation

  1. Democracy
  2. Justice
  3. Diplomacy
  4. Human Rights
Chapter 3.National Security

Chapter 3.
National Security

  1. Army Reform
  2. Sovereign Nation
  3. Customs Reform
  4. Defense Reform
Chapter 4.National Interest

Chapter 4.
National Interest

  1. Good Governance
  2. Responsibility
  3. Transparency
  4. Bank Reform
Chapter 5.National Development

Chapter 5.
National Development

  1. The Master Plan
  2. Water and Electricity
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Industrialization
Chapter 6.National Economy

Chapter 6.
National Economy

  1. Economic Reform
  2. Agriculture/Fisheries
  3. Forestry Reform
  4. Tourism Reform
Chapter 7.National Priority

Chapter 7.
National Priority

  1. Education
  2. Health Care
  3. Social Welfare
  4. Employment
Chapter 8.National Transportation

Chapter 8.
National Transportation

  1. Railway Sysytem
  2. Airway System
  3. Roadway System
  4. Waterway System
Chapter 9.National Sports

Chapter 9.
National Sports

  1. Stadiums
  2. Olympic Complexes
  3. Football Reform
  4. Other Sports
Chapter 10.National Heritage

Chapter 10.
National Heritage

  1. Traditions and Culture
  2. Religion
  3. Music
  4. Food
Chapter 11National Resources

Chapter 11
National Resources

  1. Natural Resources
  2. Mineral Resources
  3. Human Resources
  4. Energy Resources
Chapter 12.National Communication and Media

Chapter 12.
National Communication and Media

  1. Press
  2. TV and Radio
  3. Telecommunications and Postal Service
  4. Internet, Intranet and Extranet
Chapter 13.Environment and Climate Change

Chapter 13.
Environment and Climate Change

  1. Carbon Credits
  2. Renewable Energy and Conservation
  3. Ecology
  4. Anti-Pollution and Recycling


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