Our Values

Our National Standard Values

The rebranding of Democratic Republic of Congo will require all Congolese citizens to set high moral standards in order to strengthen the moral fabric of the New Congolese Society. Union du Peuple d’Avenir (UPA) is determined to promote morality, discipline, mutual respect, integrity, human dignity, forgiveness, selflessness and honesty. These National Standard Values are required from all of us – from the youngest to the oldest, the most vulnerable to the self- sufficient, and the weakest to the fittest.

We strongly believe that these values will also help us to overcome and eradicate tribalism, barbarism, corruption, betrayal, intimidation, oppression, brutality, greed, rebellion, killings, looting, dictatorship and ALL kinds of abuse in our country.

“A society without fundamental human values cannot practice real democracy and does not facilitate sustainable development”…. Tshibangu– Mukumbay 

Therefore, we must all engage with our values in our home, our lifestyle, our work, our politics, our business, our faith, our education and our culture.

  • Our values are the foundation stones of our society.
  • Our values determine what we will become.
  • Our values are the benchmark to our present and future success.
  • Our values are the “DNA” of what we stand for.
  • Our values will help our young democracy to produce more genuine and responsible politicians for our country.
  • Our values will contribute to our relationship and partnership between ourselves, neighbours and foreigners.
  • Our values will facilitate our nation to remain United and Strong.

UPA will make it a commitment to consume more of these values in our New Congolese Society.