UPA: Fast Track


Political Movement :  United People with One Destiny
Creation: June 2009
Place: United Kingdom/ London City
Vision:Build and Promote the Land
Mission: Invest in the people; in return the people will build their Country; Promote the people and in return the people will brand their Nation
Slogan:We care for the People and we care for the Land
Moto:God, our Architect and Builder
Symbol:African Antilope
Colour:Blue and White:
Blue:Peace, Stability, Patriotism and Inspiration.
White: Transparency, Light, Security and Truth
Objective:The Rebirth of the DR Congo
Ideology:« The Restauration and the Defence of Human Dignity”
Ideology- Methodology-Impact
Philosophy: Human Dignity, Fairness, Freedom, Liberty, Equity, Mutual Respect and Security
Direction:From Third world to Developed Country
From Poor Nation to Rich Nation
Method:Retrospective and Forecast
Focusing in the Future rather than the past
Dealing with the past, taking conscience of the present and planning the Future
John F.Kennedy said:” Change is the Law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to MISS the future”
Tshibangu Mukumbay says:« The past and the future intertwine in the present »
Leadership:Dynamic, Transformative, Audacity, Tenacity, Courage and Bravery
Vow/Pledge:Commitment, Determination and Sacrifice
Government:Discipline, Order, Performance and Service
…Working for the best interest of DR Congo
Approach:Traditional and Rational: solving our problems with Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge
Development: Human, Natural and Mineral Resources
Our success depend on how we will manage our resources
Management:Good governance, Transparency and Accountability
Reconstruction: Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Public Service
The Leader must do the Right thing and the People will do thing Right.
Remember that it is the people who give a Character to a system.

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