The 7 Fundamental Challenges

defits_image3These are the seven fundamental problems that plague and hinder our development and progress according to UPA:

1. The Leadership
2. The Vision
3. The Institutions
4. The Administration
5. The Infrastructure
6. The Multiculturalism
7. The People’s Mindset

Union du Peuple d’Avenir « UPA » or “United People with One Destiny”offers/ suggest a range of appropriate responses and durable (long term) solutions to the problems that face our beloved country. To meet the current challenge, we do believe that today the Democratic Republic of Congo can count sufficiently on his own sons and daughters; in one hand, the experience forged by those who stayed at home and on the other hand, the multi-sector expertise of the Diaspora learned and experienced abroad.
We also believe that the Democratic Republic of Congo certainly has good neighbours, friends, allies, partners and foreign investors around the world who wish to see the Congolese people taking the destiny of their country in hand with a clear vision then they can come to invest in good conditions. The radical change of leadership in the Democratic Republic of Congo is essential if not imperative to establish the rule of law, to restore proper diplomatic relationship, to ensure good political atmosphere, economic growth and democratic stability in the Great Lakes Region.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and if possible to join us to form a strong and a dynamic team so that we can ensure a brighter future to our people.

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