The Master Plan

focaliserMaster Plan to Reform and Reconstruction
The Democratic Republic of Congo

1. National Unity

a. Patriotism
b. Unity
c. Peace
d. Stability and Credibility

2. Law Governing Nation

a. Democracy
b. Justice and Law Enforcement
c. Diplomacy
d. Human Rights

3. National Security

a. Army Reform
b. Sovereign Nation
c. Immigration and Custom Reform
d. Defence Reform

4. National Interest

a. Good governance
b. Accountability
c. Transparency
d. Banking and Financial Institutions Reform

5. National Development

a. Master Planning for Reconstruction
b. Water and Electricity
c. Infrastructure
d. Industrialization and Information Technology

6. National Economy

a. Economic Reform
b. Agriculture/Fisheries/Livestock Reform
c. Forestry Reform
d. Tourism Reform

7. National Priority

a. Education System
b. HealthCare System

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