11. National Resources


a. Natural Resources:

  • Rivers and Lakes
  • Land, Mountains and Valleys
  • Forest and Natural Parks

b. Mineral Resources:

  • Precious Stones
  • Semi- Precious Stones
  • Artisanal Mining
    • Role of Artisanal Miners activities in Congo’s Economic
    • Improve Social Conditions of Artisanal Miners
    • Improve Healthcare Conditions of Artisanal Miners: -Diseases Awareness

N.B: It is estimated that there are10 million artisanal miners which represents 16% of our population and they produce in average 60-90% of DRC’s minerals.

    • Strong Partnership between all parties:
      • From Central, Provincial and Local government to Artisanal Miners
      • From Artisanal Miners to Local and Foreign Buyers
    • Strong Strategy to move the Artisanal Miners into National Reconstruction workforce program:
      • Reduce their numbers
      • Control their Mining activities
  • Industrial Mining
    • Promoting ethical business practices and good governance
    • Contributing to the formulation of standards for social and environmental performance
    • Controlled trading system
    • Publish official Tax returns and loyalty payments
    • Semi-Industrial Mining

c. Human Resources:

  • Skilled workforce and Talents
  • Abilities and Gifts
  • Expertise and Experience
  • Inventors, Researchers and Engineering

d. Energy Resources:

  • Windmill and Solar Power
  • Biodiesel and Waste Recycling
  • Geothermal
  • Water Fall and Dam (Hydro-electric)
  • Gas and Oil
  • Petroleum
  • Coal


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