7. National Priority


a. Education System:

  • Raise standard once again
  • Free Primary education to start with
  • Improve Special Education Need, Disabled and Disadvantaged Children learning facilities
  • Develop children playground program
  • IT and Libraries
  • Build new Schools and Universities with adequate facilities.
    • Vocational Training Programs
    • School of Business: each province
    • School of Democracy: each province
    • School of Mineralogy: each province
    • School of Diplomacy: each province
    • School of Statistic: each province
  • Introduce Adult Learning for work centers
  • Seminars and Conferences for Teachers, Lecturers and Professors
  • Raise pay for Teachers and Professors
  • Scale-up Investment in youth to acquire Skilled Labor for work: Plumbing, Construction, Mechanic, Electrician, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, etc…
  • Eradicate illiteracy
  • National Services

b. Health Care System:

  • Gradual Investment into a Public health system
  • Improve basic health services
    • First Aid
    • Medical Emergency
  • Improve mental health care
  • Reducing maternal mortality and morbidity by providing improved pre- and ante-natal care
  • Child health interventions including child vaccination and child nutrition
  • Combat and seek to eradicate diseases such as:
    • Malaria
    • Tuberculosis
    • Polio
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Tropical diseases
  • Improve Health insurance system
  • Invest in Medical and Pharmaceutical Research
  • Promote Wellness
    • Create Center of disease awareness
      • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) awareness
  • Health and Safety advice bureau
  • Invest in Medical Transport System:
    • Ambulance:
      • Vehicle
      • Motorcycle
      • Helicopter
      • Mobile Doctors
  • Build New Dispensaries, Clinics, Polyclinics and Hospitals
  • Improve Fire Brigade Service

 c. Social Welfare System

  • Provide basic social services for disadvantaged people
  • Improve insurance system in general:
    • People
    • Buildings, Vehicles and Goods
  • Create special centers for the needy
  • Supporting elderly and family welfare
  • Encourage Charity or donation from big companies to needy

d. Employment System:

  • Create more Jobs for all
    • Hardworking, Self-confidence and Hope
    • Reducing Unemployment
  • Provide more opportunities for Entrepreneurship
  • Improve Tax, National insurance and Pension systems for all Workers
  • Increase Wages of Civil Servants all Sectors
  • Improve Public sector Workers conditions
  • Promote Congolese Businessmen and Women to employ more Youth
  • Encourage Strong Partnership between Congolese Entrepreneurs and Foreign Investors.
  • Introduce Micro-finance for startup Businesses


Create Wealth:

    • Raise more Congolese Millionaires and Billionaires to create Jobs for Local People
    • Award some Business and Construction Contracts to Congolese Entrepreneurs
    • National Reward for Good Companies as an incentive for Excellency and Good Performance
    • Empower Youth to come out with New Initiatives and Inventions
    • Reducing Poverty
    • Attract Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs into the Country to stimulate Congolese
    • Create Adequate Business Climate for Multinational Companies
    • Eradicate Complicated Procedures and Make it clear for Private, National and Multinational Companies
  • Create Citizen Advice Bureau
    • Free advice
  • Create Recruitment Centers
    • Free service
  • Introduce voluntary work

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