5. National Development


a. Master Planning for Reconstruction:

• Design and Architectural
• Landmark
• Feasibility Study
o Review some projects and Execute good ones
o Fast –track process for major infrastructure project
• Regional Development Agency “R.D.A”

b. Water and Electricity:


• Provide clean water
• Purification Plants
• Bottling
• Piping and Reservoirs
• Villages drilling
• Irrigation system

◊ Electricity:

• Improve our Hydro-electric system to serve main cities.
• Windmill and Solar Power in Rural area
• Supply electricity to local people
• Introduce Gas and Biodiesel system
• Use the waste recycling to produce energy
• Power Plants:
-Review, implement and Execute existing projects

c. Infrastructure:

◊ Construction:

• Build New:
o Roads and Bridges
o Airports
o Ports and Marina Construction
o Railways
o New Cities: each Province

 Residential and Leisure facilities
o Real Estate
o Towns
o Low cost or Affordable Housing for rural area
 Industrial Estate
 Commercial Buildings:
 Maintenance Units:
• Specialize in services

o Rehabilitation:

◊Repair and Renewal Program

o Service providers:

 Accident and Breakdown: Recovery

d. Industrialization and Information Technology
• Manufacturing
• Engineering
• Architecture
• Smelting
o Metal minerals

◊ Refinery:
o Gold
o Oil

◊ Factories:
o Cement
o Steel and Iron
o Brick and Quarry
o Glass
o Wood
o Paint
o Paper
o Bitumen and Bauxite
o Salt
o Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil and Other Vegetable Oil
o Textile Industry
o Footwear Industry
o Plastic Industry
o Motor, Motorcycle and Cycle Industries
o Chemical Industry

◊Telecommunication Infrastructure and IT:
• Infrastructure:
o Fibre optic technology
◊To reach every region
 Capacity to allow
o Telephony
o Broadcasting
o Internet

◊ Training for local personnel
• Support centers
o Encourage the creation of enterprises to design and manufacture IT and Telecoms related equipments
o Policy to relax import on New IT and Telecoms related equipment

◊ Information Technology:
• Policies to support
o The importation of IT and Telecoms related equipments and services
o Establishment and institutions to educate the public
o A body to advice, regulate and enforce such policies
o To make IT education a part of the national curriculum

• Establishing of public and private centres to promote and educate the public
• All educational establishment to be equipped with suitable IT and telecoms equipment.
• A minimum standard in IT literacy to be established
o Consider adopting or creating a ECDL type of standard (AITDL)
o African IT Driving License (AITDL)


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