6. National Economy


◊ Relief:

• Social Stability
• Humanitarian assistance where needed:
o National and International NGO’s; Government


• Economic Regeneration
• Good public services

◊Reform: -Congo’s Economic Revival
• Positive and Transparent Economic Intervention
• Diversification of Economy or Mixed Economy
• Balancing Import and Export; External Debt Repayment
• Review Taxation, Tariffs, Royalty and Fiscal
• Realistic National and Provincial Budgets:
o Enhance the living standard of the people
o Provide better conditions for rural poor
• Public Spending Audit:
o Reducing leakage of Public funds
• Cour des Comptes :-Budget execution data
• Chambre de Commerce
• Promote Private Business to stimulate Economic Growth
• Reducing Poverty and Tackle deficit
• Control inflation and Keep Interest rates low
• Provide the best economic conditions in which private business could flourish and build strong economy.

◊Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Policies:

o Trading
o Business
o Commercial
o Industrial
o Investment
o Enterprise

a. Mining and Hydrocarbon Reform:


• New Regulation:
o Reform in Methodologies and Policies
o Review of Mining Code
o Implementation

• Review some Contracts for mutual interest
• New Independent Contracts Review Panel “I.C.R.P”
• Exploration and Discovery
• Introduce Stock Exchange with our minerals
• Empower and Equip “Speciale Police de Mines” S.P.M
• Register or enroll all Artisanal Miners
• Identification Check Point
• Policy to reduce their numbers to other sectors
• Association of National Artisanal Miners (A.N.A.M)
• Demilitarization of Mining Sites
• Eradicate illicit Mining Activities

• Restructure CoHydro and review contracts for offshore and onshore concessions
• Technical Assistance
• Logistic Support
• Review some Contracts

b. Agriculture/Fisheries /Livestock Reform:
 Agriculture Strategy:
 Plantation Economic

• Farmers:
o Provide machinery and Equipment
o Provide Seed
o Introduce New Technologies: Training
o Provide finance to farmers
o Irrigation system o Build Warehouses/Storages Houses
o Combat Malnutrition • Transporters:
o Carry food to:
 Consumers
 Markets and Supermarkets
 Manufacturers

• Manufacturers:
o Food Processing
o Food Storage
o Food Preservation and Conservation
• Distributors:
o Markets
o Supermarkets
o Wholesalers and Retailers


• Food production and Packaging processes
• Modernization and better management of fisheries in rivers, lakes and ponds
• Buy Fishing Boats
• Build more Cold rooms near Lakes and Rivers


• Food production and packaging processes
• Cattle ranches
• Poultry farms
• Rabbit breeding
• Pig od Hog farms

c. Forestry Reform:

• New Regulation
• Implementation
• Review some Contracts
• Deforestation Program to earn Carbon Credits
• Encourage Indigenous communities and landowners to conserve forests
• Investing in sustainable Management of National Forest and Parks
• Investing in new forest plantations for timber
• Use New Technology to monitor deforestation

d. Tourism Reform:

• Build New Hotels and Travel Lodges near sites:
o Natural Parks, Mountains and Valleys
• Improve transport system to sites:
o Tours, Marinas and Cruise (River and Lake)
• Attract more visitors: Security and Stability
• Recruit Professionals Tourist Guides abroad and Training more Congolese youth
• Rebranding our touristic sites:
o Travel Agencies, Leaflet, TV advert, Congo’s Embassy, Internet facilities.

• Build Emergency Centers well equipped:
o Jets, Helicopters, vehicles, speed boats and others
• Fire brigade
• Improve competitiveness of our tourism industry


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